Timber Fastening Hex Head Screw

These hex head timber fasteners are top quality and perfect for all timber needs. Self tapping, very durable and long lasting.

  • Countersunk hex drive with fixed washer.
  • Tight and secure fit
  • Natural Brown ACQ corrosion resistant coating, that has had a minimum of 1000 hours salt spray tested.
  • Milling thread, reduces torque to prevent splitting.
  • Serrated thread, cuts into timber reducing splitting and torque.
  • Type 17 cut point , reduces splitting and the need to pre-drilling.
  • Nominal diameter 6.7mm

The screw needs a 65mm driver hex head socket (5/16″) for easy application.


All prices are excluding VAT. Prices suffixed with “pm” are per metre. All prices are subject to change.

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