We understand the importance of protecting our environment, and selling sustainable products. Being suppliers of timber, and other related products we have to be aware of the impact that forestry has on the environment. After all, wood is the oldest and most environmentally friendly building material. To lengthen it’s life, we use the new generation of wood preservative, Tanalith E. Tanalith E is based on copper triazole technology, this copper is derived from recycled sources and the triazole is biodegradable.

Here are 5 points about wood, forestry and the environment:

  1. Wood is a very sustainable fuel source and construction material because trees are continually being planted in forests all over the world. This means, assuming a managed and responsible approach, that we will never run out, and there will be enough to serve both us and future generations.
  2. Wood is a carbon neutral fuel because as it grows and lives it uses carbon dioxide. We try to recycle our wood, to prevent burning, so the carbon dioxide is never released, so that the wood itself has the potential to be better than carbon neutral.
  3. Trees release the oxygen we need to breathe, and help to keep the atmosphere clean.
  4. On average European forests are growing by about 600,000 hectares a year.
  5. Only a percentage of the annual forest growth is harvested every year, so the growth of forests continue.

So, choosing wood can reduce climate change through:

  • Substitution – by substituting wood for fossil fuels, we will reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced and protect finite resources.
  • Recycling – by recycling old wood products we can make new products or use it to make paper and other wood based products.
  • Regeneration of forests – using wood to make timber products encourages the replanting of trees, and often on such a scale that it outpaces deforestation.
Different types of wood have been used to make this tree house