Wafer Head Structural Screws

Wafer head screws are commonly known as timber screws and are arguably the most common type of screw for fastening pieces of wood together with a clamping force renowned for strengthening joints.

  • Single coarse thread wafer head timber screws.
  • Suitable for fencing, roofing, decking and landscaping.
  • Type 17 cut point for reduced timber splitting.
  • Sharp point for easy penetration.
  • Partial thread increases clamping effectiveness and a low profile finish.
  • Finished in a natural brown ACQ corrosion resistant coating.
  • 6.7mm diameter with a 12mm head.

These are torx head screws and require a  T30 bit to screw them in.



All prices are excluding VAT. Prices suffixed with “pm” are per metre. All prices are subject to change.

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