Untreated Oak Sleepers

Our Untreated Oak Sleepers are made from responsibly sourced oak hardwood.

Oak is a hardwood and is typically more durable and resistant than softwood. This means that untreated oak sleepers are a perfect choice for projects that need to withstand heavy use.

We recommend these for construction projects and garden features. This is because they’re particularly robust and require little maintenance, especially in comparison to softwood options. Hardwood sleepers are heavier than our softwood range. Therefore, you may need some help lifting when working on your projects.

Due to their versatility, oak sleepers are brilliant for different types of landscaping projects. They easily create pathways, garden furniture or outdoor playground equipment. Also, they are great for decorative purposes. For example, adding raised beds can transform the look of your garden. If you have a sloped garden, installing retaining walls helps to prevent erosion.

We offer these in a standard 100x200mm and length of 2400mm.

At Park Timber, we supply responsibly-sourced untreated oak sleepers. Whether you need a few pieces for a DIY job, or you need to order hardwood sleepers in bulk, we’ve got you covered.

Got a project in mind? Talk to us about our untreated oak sleepers today.


All prices are excluding VAT. Prices suffixed with “pm” are per metre. All prices are subject to change.

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