Roden Panel

Our handcrafted Roden Panels are a take on a Venetian style fence panel.

We make the Venetian style panels at our yard in Roden. We make them in a variety of sizes and upon requests we can even create bespoke sizes. If you require a bespoke panel, contact us.

Our Roden Panel provides a contemporary and modern finish to outside areas.

We construct the panels using sawn and treated timber to create slats. These slats provide different light effects as the sun moves throughout the day.

The full height panel can be used as an external fence, hiding unsightly areas in outside areas. Or add a small panel to an existing fence or wall to add height for a contemporary look and a bit more privacy.

We recommend using either timber or concrete posts, depending on the style you prefer.


All prices are excluding VAT. Prices suffixed with “pm” are per metre. All prices are subject to change.