Decking Blog Part 3: Maintenance

Now you have laid the deck – you can start to think about additions, whether that is the look of the boards or the entirety of the deck.

Timber is a living product and therefore general maintenance will be required to keep your deck looking tidy. If your preference is to leave the timber boards their natural colour we would advise that you power wash your deck annually, this will remove any grime and keep the deck looking smart.

Decking area with wooden spindles, sqaure newl posts and post caps

Treating the deck boards

We stock Saicos decking oil this comes in a variety of colours and a couple of different sizes. The oil is a premium oil for long term protection. The natural vegetable oils penetrate the woods surface preventing it from cracking, peeling, or flaking. Importantly the wood can continue to breathe so moisture from dirt and the elements can evaporate naturally. We advise to refrain from painting the deck until at least 2-3 months after laying, the deck needs to be completely dry. The easiest way to know if your deck is completely dry is to apply the oil to a small area of the deck, the oil should remain clear, if it goes cloudy the timber is not dry.

For maintenance of the deck boards, we have a wash care product that is a water additive with plant soaps and natural care components. It cleans gently and thoroughly to leave a streak free surface.  It freshens up the surface and helps to make it dirt repellent. 

We also have a Ecoline refresher which is recommended for usage every 3-6 months, to regenerate and refresh your decking area, again this product helps to make the surface of your decking dirt repellent and extremely wear resistant.

Decking boards can be slippery and therefore if slipping on steps or a ramp is a concern we have anti – slip plates available that can be screwed onto the boards.

Saicos Oil Colours

Framing your deck

We have a variety of items that could help frame your decking. From panels, to rails, to spindles, to decking rope. Each provides a unique finish and can complement your outside area.

Wooden spindles are a great way to close the deck off if at height but also add a different dimension to the deck even if it is only used on an area of the decking. For a more contemporary look you can use metal spindles which are also low maintenance. The spindles are usually completed by a wooden hand a base rail.

Panels are an easy way to close off your deck and an alternative to spindles. We have a cross hatch panel and sunburst panel in our range. Similar to spindles these add a different dimension.

For a closed off deck that does not ruin views our glass balusters provide a great way to modernise you deck while also being able to enjoy the garden beyond.

Decking rope is a great option if you sometimes want to open your decking area and not create a barrier between the deck and outdoor space. Decking rope is available in two types polyhemp and manilla, there are then options on rope ends, hook and eye plates. Ropes are best attached to newel posts which are stocked in square or turned, these can also have a post cap on top to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

Decking area available to view at Park Timber

For any further queries on your decking please contact the office and speak to our expert sales team on 01952 770779.

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