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Trellis We have a range of Square and Diamond Trellis Avaliable

These economy graded LAP panels are fully tanalised treated and are a more reasonably priced than our alternative panels. ...

Sizes Available:
Lap Panel 6'x3'
Lap Panel 6'x4'
Lap Panel 6'x5'
Lap Panel 6'x6'

Feather Edge Panels

Good quality, fully tanalised treated panels can be made to any size. Prices below are Width v height on all panels 

Sizes Available:
6' x 2'
6' x 3'
6' x 4'
6' x 5'
8 more sizes available

Arch Top Feather Edge Panels

Prices below are Width v height on all panels

Sizes Available:
6' x 3' Arch Top
6' x 4' Arch Top
6' x 5' Arch Top
6' x 5'6" Arch Top
1 more size available


The Florence panel looks beautiful from both sides and complements any garden. Prices below are height v Width on all panels

Sizes Available:
1000/1200 x 1800
1300/1500 x1800
1 more size available


Dress the perimeter of your garden with these very attractive, yet highly secure and private fence panels. More elaborate than the feather edge,...

Sizes Available:
600/800 x 1800
1000/1200 x 1800
1300/1500 x 1800
1600/1800 x 1800


No more need to keep up with the Jones' with this contemporary yet stylish fence panel, it is ideal for boundary's of neighbouring...

Sizes Available:
900 x 1800 mm
1200 x 1800 mm
1500 x 1800 mm
1800 x 1800 mm

Milano Lattice Top

No more keeping up with the Jones' with this contemporary yet stylish fence panel, it is ideal for boundaries of neighbouring properties as the...

Sizes Available:
1800 x 1200mm
1800 x 1500mm
1800 x 1800mm


This is a wave shaped diamond trellis on the upper aspect.  The panel is identical on both sides so can be appreciated equally.  The...

Square decking panel

Fully framed, kiln dried and green pressure treated decorative panel. Mortice and tenon joints, all screw fixings are stainless steel. ...

Sizes Available:
square decking Panel 900 x 1800

Pale Panels

Round Pale (R) panels, also know as picket fencing is available in many sizes, and we can make specific sizes to order. It is a safe fence panel,...

Sizes Available:
900mmx1800mm Round top
1200mm x1800mm Round Top
1500mmx1800mm Round Top
1800mmx1800mm Round Top
4 more sizes available