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Here at park timber we have a post for all your fencing requirements.
Machined Half Round

Machined half round posts All Our Post are fully treated. 

Sizes Available:
75 x 3600
100 x 3600

Weathered Topped Gate Posts

These 4 way weathered posts have a sloping top to all sides which allows the rain to run off. Fully Treated 

Sizes Available:
1 more size available


Square fencing posts Fully Treated 

Sizes Available:
9 more sizes available

Notched Posts

Notched fence posts are used as a structural support with feather edge fencing Fully Treated 

Sizes Available:
75x125x2400 Notched Post

Machined Round

Machine round timbers are most commonly used for post and rail fencing. Machined from a quality softwood and then tanalised to add a...

Sizes Available:
75 x 1650 Machine Round
75 x 1800 Machine Round
100 x 1800 Machine Round
125 x 2400 Machine Round

Round Peeled

Round peeled posts for use with stock wire to make the ultimate partner in fencing Fully Treated 

Sizes Available:
75 x100 x1650 Peeled
75 x100 x1800 Peeled
125 x 150x 2100 Peeled
100 x 125 x 1650 Peeled Half round posts

Half Round Machined Rails

Half round rails are more suited to rural settings, such as farm, paddock or woodland fencing. Available in 3.660mm lengths ...

Sizes Available:
88mm half round fencing rails 3.660
100mm half round fencing rails 3.660

Ribbed Posts

A ribbed timber post allows fencing panels, bases and gates to be fixed onto the post sides when erecting garden fencing. This post particularly...

Sizes Available:
95 X 95X 1.800 Square
95 x 95 x 1.800 Slotted
95 x 95 x2.400 Square
95 x 95 x 2.400 Slotted
1 more size available

Post Mix

This pre-mixed postmix of concrete and gravel is the ideal solution for the retail customer. It is high quality and fast setting so you can get your...

Sizes Available:
20kg Bag